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"I appreciate the dependable service of BBMG. It's nice to know whenever you call or send an email there is someone on the other end waiting to answer."
- Dwayne Moore

My favorite saying is, "Call my business manager"  I've toured over 20 years with ease because I know BBMG got my back. I trust them to handle my business so I can work stress free."
- Aaron Draper

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"No way I can navigate my business without BBMG. The demand on the road as a production technician is overwhelming at times, so having a team to keep it all straight for me gives me peace of mind."
- Lawrence Bowens

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"I can always count on getting clear accurate business advice and service...just the best."
- Detrick Lowman

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"After 2 years of touring and producing songs, I realized I was losing money because I was unable to control all the paperwork and accounting of all the work that was doing. My mother was ready to step in to get her 'Baby Boy' paid. This was the beginning of Baby Boy Management Group, LLC."
- Darrell Robinson

Who We Are


Baby Boy Management Group, LLC (BBMG) is a company specializing in business administration and financial consulting for entertainment industry professionals. Our team recognizes that each clients' needs are unique with their own personal and business DNA. Therefore, we customize a plan for the individual according to their financial goals and needs.


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